Final Conference (Brussels, Belgium)

The Final Conference of the TRIGGER project will be held on May 31st. The project partner will meet at CEPS and present COCTEAU – the novel tool for citizen engagement – as well as a number of “alternative futures” for the EU, based on foresight scenarios. This discussion, moderated by Marco Brambilla and Clément Perarnaud will feature Kalypso Nicolaidis, Alberto Alemanno and Roberto Verganti.


After a short coffee break, Gaby Umbach will moderate a session on foresight in policy making, which will welcome Nikos Kastrinos and Philine Warnke as the speakers discerning on the EU’s alternative futures.


In the afternoon, TRIGGER researchers Klaus Jacob, Julia Teebken,  Clément Perarnaud, Sara Ronco and the Young Thinkers, moderated by Andrea Renda,  will take stock of the EU’s actorness and effectiveness across different policy sectors. In this session, they will present the deep dive finding and provide recommendations addressing the EU’s gaps and areas for improvements.


Additionally, an academic debate on actorness, power and legitimacy will take place under the name “Building bridges: perspectives on EU and its future”. This will be a conversation with Vivien Schmidt, moderated by Andrea Renda who will then proceed to conclude the Final Conference and provide the final remarks of the day.


Following the Final Conference, a number of project partners will stay in Brussels for another day to attend the 2022 Ideas Lab event. Make sure to follow TRIGGER on LinkedIn and Twitter for insights and testimonials from the Final Conference and the Ideas Lab event!