The event on the topic: “Digital transformation and trends in artificial intelligence”, taking place within the framework of the “Trigger” Project, is of great importance for the scientific life of the republic, – said the moderator of the event Jyldyz Bakashova.

Ashimova Dinara, Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, noted that the topic of today’s event is relevant and touches upon issues of how artificial intelligence develops and affects all spheres of life, to what degree of human impact. She also noted the importance of transforming e-government into digital as part of the digitalization process. The member of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic also noted that the concept of e-government focused on the provision of services in electronic form. Digital government in the Kyrgyz Republic, being the development of e-government, is uniquely different from it, being a comprehensive concept and having a number of specific aspects that should become key strategic elements of the policy of the state implementing digital transformation.

The President of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic noted that the main directions of modernization (reform) are the development of academic institutions conducting fundamental and applied research, as an environment for the expanded reproduction of new world-class knowledge and technologies; creation and development of the innovation infrastructure of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, as an integral part of the National Innovation System of the Kyrgyz Republic.

He also noted that new scientific results are poorly used in the field of education, and young specialists and university scientists are not sufficiently involved in scientific research.

Experts speaking at the event noted that today in Kyrgyzstan one of the indicators of the growth in demand for artificial intelligence technologies is an increase in the number of organizations and public authorities using artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of their activities. The development of artificial intelligence technologies is increasingly attracting investments from legal entities and individuals.

However, without creating the necessary conditions for further development, there is no chance to build an effective model of the economy of the future, experts noted.

The discussions also covered questions such as where is the line between human creativity and AI? How to prevent the disruptive effect of AI on the business community? What should the new regulatory environment look like? And what are the challenges facing the field of science? These and other questions “Digital transformation and artificial intelligence trends”.

The event was attended by members of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, representatives and experts of educational and scientific circles of the Kyrgyz Republic.