Organised as an online side event to TRIGGER Annual Meeting, the conference entitled “Governance Of and By Digital Technology” lead by TRIGGER consortium partner EPFL International Risk Governance Center (IRGC) will convene a group of leading experts in policy, research and practice to consider the future of “Governance Of and By Digital Technology”.

Some of the questions in this area are familiar and increasingly contested: what kind of rules and governance arrangements are needed to prevent new digital technologies from causing harm? But in addition to these “governance of technology” questions, issues of “governance by technology” are evolving rapidly, including with facial recognition, contact tracing apps or the use of algorithmic decision-making in criminal justice.

This raises high-profile risks, such as the danger that decision-making algorithms will remove or reduce the role of humans in important societal decisions. But it also promises better governance if the power of new technologies can be safely harnessed to improve the overall quality and performance of societal decision-making processes and outcome.

In the weeks ahead, you will be invited to sign up to attend the conference virtually.

The conference is public.