The Foresight Workshop led by Aaron Rosa and Elna Schirrmeister from Fraunhofer ISI was tailored to gather the different perspectives of the over 30 participants of the workshop on different trends and topics related to global governance and Europe’s role in the horizon of 2050. Initially, the participants have voted in 3 to 4 key-topics per thematic area – STEEP+: Social, Technological, Ecological, Economic, and Political variables and factors that will influence the future shape of global governance institutions and processes.

At a second stage, participants were divided into groups (one group per thematic area), thus leading to the discussion of each specific pre-selected key-factor and creating the 2050 scenario after collective discussions.

Finally, based on the results of this exercise, the scenario writing process will be conducted in phases to ensure that TRIGGER is producing robust and helpful scenarios. After the scenario cores have been established, draft scenarios will be written based on this content, along with actor networks, governance mechanisms, technological capacities, and social motivations that emerge from TRIGGER’s research community. Draft scenario will be reviewed in a public workshop setting with a diverse mix of content experts, after which they will enter a finalisation phase. Following their finalisation, they will be adapted for different TRIGGER project products, and for citizen engagement activities.